Faith In A Smile

Our Mission

Where Faith Meets a Smile

At Faith In A Smile, our mission goes beyond words; it’s a commitment rooted in the belief that faith can ignite smiles and change lives. We strive to be beacons of light in the community, cultivating hope and unity through our actions. Our mission is a living testimony to the powerful connection between faith and a smile, building bridges towards a brighter future.

Our Goal

Empowering Lives, One Essential at a Time

Our primary goal is to provide essential resources such as meals, clothing, and other necessities to the homeless. Through our efforts, we aspire to foster a sense of community, hope, and shared purpose.

Programs We Deliver

At Faith In A Smile, we believe in the transformative power of giving back to our local community.

Toy Donations to Children

Fun Activities that Bring Communities Together

Planting Trees/Foliage

Donations to Other Charities


We are a registered and approved 501(c)(3) organization!

Faith in a Smile is a nonprofit organization that works to help those in need. We are committed to building community and sowing hope.

Our approval as a 501(c)(3) organization means that we are a recognized charitable organization by the federal government.

Your donation will help us continue to make a difference in the world!

We invite you to explore our programs, join us in our mission, and be part of the positive change we strive to create. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who need it most.


+1 385 424 9113


455 North University Ave Suite 201 
Provo, Utah 84601 

Multi-Family Portfolio - FL

Size: 407 Doors

CAP Rate: 7.5%                          

Location: Tampa, FL